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Whether you're drowning in complex patent documents or struggling to make sense of market data, Perceive Now AGI simplifies your research and uncovers opportunities.Customize your analysis in minutes – empowering you to scale your IP strategy  and untapped possibilities.

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IP Analysis

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Prior art search
Patent validity/invalidity
Patent valuation

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Patent Licensing targets
Market Research

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Market Analysis
Competitive Landscape
Consumer Landscape
Regulatory Pathways

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M&A Trends and Strategy
Commercialization Assessment
Why our customers prefer Perceive Now


Accelerated IP and market analysis.


Decrease in risky startup investments.


Increase in revealing lucrative market potential .


Faster identification of viable IP licensing pathways.


Faster identification of M&A targets.

How it works?

48 hour
Chat with or AI
Chat with or AI

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Tailored IP and Market Intelligence
Tailored IP and Market Intelligence

Our context-rich lens cuts through the noise
and distills what matters for your key priorities.

Reports are Ready
Reports are Ready

Land custom-crafted, context-rich
and accurate reports to power your strategy
in 48 hours.

Transform your IP and market haziness into competitive gold, now.

With Perceive Now AGI, complex research is a breeze, letting you focus on growth strategies with ease.

IP analysis
Prior art search
Freedom to Operate
Patentability opinion
Patent validity/invalidity
Patent infringement
IP analysis
Investment Landscape
and M&A trends
IP licensing targets
Exit potential and comparable
M&A trends and opportunities
Investment Landscape <br/> and M&A trends
Market potential assessment
Market Opportunities and Growth
Competitive positioning
Consumer preferences and buying habits
Regulatory compliance and risk mitigation
Technology commercialization assessment
Market potential assessment
Innovation and Sustainability
in Product Development
New product opportunities - R&D
Sustainability strategies
M&A projections
Innovation and Sustainability <br/> in Product Development

No more tedious analysis, Perceive Now shows you how.


From patentability to market research, it's all at your fingertips, now.


Say goodbye to “research overwhelm”, accelerate your deal flow, now.


Spend less time searching, and more time implementing, now!

Perceive now LLM pinpoints the exact language and clauses I need for a watertight IP licensing agreement with a med-tech startup. This tool has saved me countless billable hours and gives me the confidence to secure the best deal for my clients.

Leading IP Law Firm

We were missing out on promising biotech startups because their patent filings were just too dense. Perceive now doesn't just surface relevant patents – it actually analyzes them for potential commercialization routes we hadn't even considered

Leading Venture Capital Firm

Honestly, I was skeptical that an AI tool could replace our team’s gut instincts for spotting potential acquisitions. But in the last six months, its analysis of a startup's patent portfolio revealed a licensing opportunity worth millions that we would have completely overlooked. This platform is now an integral part of our M&A process.

Leading PE Firm

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