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Perceive Now empowers decision makers and individuals to seamlessly harness IP and market research, enabling critical and context-rich decision-making processes.

From evaluating patent landscapes to assessing market trends and competitive analysis, Perceive Now delivers custom-crafted insights on a single, intuitive platform.

You know what Perceive Now does. Now learn why we do it.

When Perceive Now started in 2019, the landscape of IP and market research was complex, fragmented, and often inaccessible. Decision Makers struggled to find reliable, comprehensive intel tailored to their specific needs. We envisioned a solution that transformed this challenging process into a seamless, insightful experience that decision makers, teams and individuals could rely on.

Fast forward to today. The demand for accurate, quantified, actionable Market and IP intelligence is at an all-time high. The ability to navigate this information efficiently can make or break a business strategy.

Decision makers need to be proactive and insightful, providing quantified, data-driven decisions that foster innovation and competitive advantage. Yet, many find themselves hindered by outdated, cumbersome tools.

Perceive Now is here to change that. We leverage cutting-edge AGI to deliver custom-crafted reports and intel that empower decision makers to make well-informed, strategic decisions. Our goal is to turn the complexity of market and IP research into a competitive edge for our clients, ensuring they stay ahead of the curve in a rapidly evolving landscape.

Our mission is to make context-rich
IP and market research effortless for every
decision-maker, one decision at a time.

that happen,
we are
to empower
you with..

More time and more headspace

More time and more headspace

We do the heavy lifting for your IP and market research – giving you the freedom to focus on your goals and strategic decisions.

Reliable tools for real impact

Reliable tools for real impact

Less guesswork, more quantified insight. With Perceive Now, you can drive innovation and gain a competitive edge.

Clearer data and better decisions

Clearer data and better decisions

Makes sense of crucial trends and get context-rich answers to your burning questions.

Founder & Director
Vinitha TU

Founder & Director

The visionary behind Perceive Now, Dr. Vinitha brings her technical expertise and personal journey to lead the company towards groundbreaking innovations in IP and market intelligence.

Chief Product Officer
Aditya Subba

Chief Product Officer

With a keen eye for product innovation, Aditya shapes our offerings to meet the evolving needs of our clients, ensuring that our solutions remain at the forefront of technology.

Chief Operating Officer
Anand Siva

Chief Operating Officer

The operational backbone of Perceive Now, Anand drives strategic growth and innovation, ensuring our services and solutions deliver exceptional value to clients.

Perceive Now,
you get…
IP Mastery

Uncover actionable insights for stronger patents, licensing opportunities, and proactive risk mitigation.

Market Dominance

Identify emerging trends, outsmart competitors, and capitalize on untapped market potential.

Data-Driven Decisions

Replace guesswork with strategic clarity, backed by comprehensive, tailored intelligence reports.

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