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Tap into the world's first LLM powered IP research reports. Access the most comprehensive Prior art search, validity analysis, FTO and patent assignment reports.

IP attorneys

Turn your IP into a profitability machine.

Fuel it with tailored IP licensing, sustainability, and consumer metrics for accelerated growth.

CXOs and Founders

Perceive Now saved $4000 and 4 weeks of precious startup diligence time by cutting through the noise and fast-tracking insights!

Rachna Dayal , CEO of Sugati Ventures

Rachna Dayal

Game-changer in prior art search increasing the odds of patent grant success by 70%.

Dr. Paul Helman, 84.51

Dr. Paul Helman

I do not know how I ran my business without the sustainable-products focused insights from Perceive Now.

Sameer Vagal, CEO of Uplift

 Sameer Vagal
Make Smarter Decisions, Faster!

Ditch the Guesswork

Outsmart the competition, navigate M&A with confidence, and future-proof your IP portfolio. Perceive Now doesn't just give you data, it unlocks the hidden strategic story. Think of us as your secret weapon for success in tech, pharma, manufacturing, and whatever comes next.

Tailored IP and Market Intelligence

Forget generic reports. We analyze your world – your goals, your competition – to deliver insights that boost success rates by 80%.Think custom-fit strategy, not off-the-rack analysis.

Context-rich reports

Patents and Market data aren't Fairytales. We Decode the Strategy.Our AGI doesn't just scan documents, it reveals the game plan hidden within,reducing your research time by 70%, IP portfolios and market trends tell a story, we turn it into your competitive edge.

Empower Decision Making with AGI

Transform Data Clutter into Clarity with AGI. We don't see data, we see a story. Our AI simplifies mountains of IP data and market trends into Game-Plan Reports, guiding your next move with unmatched clarity and foresight.

Your Unfair Advantage

We don't just crunch numbers, we decode strategic narratives. Perceive Now draws from a vast network of data sources patents, scientific publications, market research data and more. This unique blend gives you unmatched depth AND
breadth for insights that others will miss.

Because You've Got Enough to Worry About

Your data is safe with us, and getting insights is a breeze. Our platform combines ironclad security with an intuitive interface, so you can focus on making those game-changing decisions.

Delve into our collection of case studies, where real-world applications of Perceive Now illuminate the path to
strategic excellence resulting in a X faster time-to-market and saving over X amount of costs

When IP Licensing and Blood Pressure Tech Got All Lovey-Dovey (with the help of AI!)
When IP Licensing and Blood Pressure Tech Got All Lovey-Dovey (with the help of AI!)

Who's the Patient? CentrusDx, a hip startup rocking the latest in wearable blood pressure monitoring gizmos. They were ready to let their tech mingle with a bigger player, but playing hard-to-get seemed like the smarter move.

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Data-Driven Unicorn Hunting: A HealthTech VC Strikes Gold
Data-Driven Unicorn Hunting: A HealthTech VC Strikes Gold

The Investor: Sugati Ventures, a seasoned healthTech VC firm with a keen eye for spotting the next big thing in medical innovation.The Challenge: In the fast-paced world of healthcare technology, trends shift rapidly. Identifying true disruptors with high growth potential amidst a sea of competitors requires deep market insights.

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Charting New Territories: A Corporate Venture Team's AI-Powered Expansion Strategy
Charting New Territories: A Corporate Venture Team's AI-Powered Expansion Strategy

The Player: The corporate venture arm of a multinational technology company seeking to identify and capitalize on emerging market opportunities to drive growth.

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