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Perceive Now isn't just data – it's your strategic superpower. Our AGI-powered platform reveals market trends, competitor moves, and much more. Make impactful decisions with our comprehensive IP and Market Solutions.

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Most Comprehensive
Global IP Dataset

Fuel innovation and protect your assets. We track filings worldwide, uncovering insights others miss. Our expansive dataset is updated constantly to keep you ahead of the curve, revealing emerging technologies and potential infringements.

1000+ data sources for
market trends

Know your market better than the competition. Analyze global trends, competitor moves, and untapped opportunities with data from 1000+ industry-leading sources.

Our Real-Time Market Data.Your Real-Time Advantage
Our Real-Time Market Data.Your Real-Time Advantage

Act on the most up-to-date market shifts, not outdated information. Our near real-time data stream empowers you to seize opportunities and adapt your strategy with unmatched speed.

AI Cross-Validated Data Precision
AI Cross-Validated Data Precision

Make confident decisions with the most reliable data. Our AI-powered validation verifies data from multiple sources, eliminates errors and inconsistencies. Minimize risk and maximize the return on your research investment with data you can trust.


Data-Driven Exit Strategies for Maximum ROI

Perceive Now is your due diligence advantage. Uncover hidden risks, assess exit potential, and make confident investment decisions with our comprehensive data.We empower you with the data and strategies essential for successful exits.

IP Attorney

Accelerate Prior Art Searches, Patents, IP assignments

We help protect your clients' innovations with confidence. Accelerate prior art searches and strengthen infringement cases. Perceive Now centralizes global patent data, uncovering potential conflicts and validating claims.

IP Attorney
Corporate Venture

Drive Market expansion, patent licensing opportunities

We empower CXOs with the insights needed for informed expansion and innovation. Tap into global market trends, assess competitor IP strategies, maximizing IP licensing revenue, and identify sustainable growth opportunities.

Corporate Venture

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